Students between the ages of 7 and 9 in the Hummingbird group have mastered recognizing letters and can read basic texts. The group works on certain segments of the second-grade material taught in Hungary divided into thematic units. We aim to further reading comprehension and make reading a regular habit, as well as enhance talking readiness and creative thinking expressed orally and in written form. In addition, the acquisition of other basic knowledge embedded in the curriculum is prioritized, for example, the eminent days, basic environmental studies, handicrafts, linguistic games, such as, counting games and play on words all comprise an integral part of the study material.


9:30-10:00Arrival, folk dance/games/songs
10:15-10:45Review of previous weeks lessons/check hw
11:00-11:30New topic for the week including reading, writing, language development
11:30-12:00Small group grammar practice
12:00-12:30Singing, crafts, practice time, group games, review and summary of skills, dismissal

Times may vary.

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